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(Acacia victoriae)

Acacia victoriae grows throughout Australia and it is the seed of this shrub that gives us this wonderful food source. The seeds need to be dried and ground before using, and this particular variety is dark brown in colour.

It has a warm chocolate flavour with a lingering taste of coffee and hazelnut. It is amazing when added to ice-cream or cheesecakes and gives a lovely nutty texture to pancakes.

It is a good idea to infuse Wattleseed with a little hot water or hot milk before using as the seeds release their flavour more readily when softened.

I use these seeds when making bread or pasta and add them to hazelnuts and lime for the most delicious friands. A favourite of mine is Wattleseed and carrot cake, with a cream cheese and Lemon Myrtle frosting. The taste is to die for!!!

For a special treat try adding Wattleseed to milk, ice-cream and banana for a healthy smoothie or simply use in the same way as ground coffee for a hot drink.


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