Kangaroo steak marinated with Red Earth and Native Basil infused Macadamia oil.

Ingredients Directions

50 g Kangaroo steak 2 tsp Red Earth 2 tsp Native Basil infused Macadamia oil 2 Milk buns 2 Slices sandwich cucumber 10 g Alfalfa 5 g Capsicum (optional)

Preheat contact grill

Place Red Earth and Native Basil Macadamia oil in a bowl, mix well.

Cut kangaroo steak in half, brush both sides with marinade.

Place on grill. After one minute turn steak, cook for a further minute.

Remove steak from heat and cover in foil to rest.

Place buns on grill, toast lightly.

Dress buns with cucumber, alfalfa and capsicum.

Place kangaroo steak on top.


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