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About Us

At A Taste Of The Bush, we seek to deliver a range of delicious products incorporating Australian native herbs, spices and fruits. After many years in the food industry, we decided to create our range of herb blends, infused Macadamia oils, vinegars and dukkah using a combination of traditional and Australian native ingredients. We are still a small family business and intend to stay that way. This allows us the freedom to experiment with and create new ways of using the huge variety of edible plants available.


Our daughter Claire grows some of our nuts, fruits, berries and leaves on her Macadamia farm in the Byron Bay Hinterland. Farm gate tours are available for anyone interested in seeing these plants growing, however bookings are essential. For more information contact Claire:


We have our own cookery book, Fabulous Flavours of Australia with quick and easy recipes, suggesting ways of incorporating these unique and exciting flavours. With the introduction of air-fryers, thermo mixers, slow cookers and other devices, home cooking has become a whole, new, exciting adventure. Australian native flavours with their many health benefits can play a major part in this.

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