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Air Fried Tofu with Red Earth and Native Basil Infused Macadamia Oil

Have you checked out the wide range of products that A Taste Of The Bush provides? All products are handmade and packaged. All their products are artificial colouring and preservative-free. Their wonderful cookbooks are packed full of delicious recipes, using their products. You can use the recipes as they are or alternatively, you can use their recipes as a base and make one of your own. As we have done below.

Two of my current favourite products are their Red Earth and Native Basil-infused Macadamia oil.

Red Earth: Has a delightfully rich and warm flavour, you are able to catch hints of the Bush Tomato and Salt Bush amongst the other delectable flavours used in this of spice combination. It's delicious when used as a dry rub, or combined with a nice oil to make a wonderful marinade. It's also great to use in the base of your favourite pasta sauce. Both of the key native Australian elements, Bush Tomato and Salt Bush, are wild-harvested, which means these fantastic ingredients will be available for generations to come. If you are looking for a spicier taste we suggest their Red Back Rub, which has a distinct kick to it.

Native Basil-infused Macadamia oil: Has an exquisitely aromatic aroma. It's wonderful with chicken and pasta dishes or combined with one of their luscious caramelised vinegars. All of the Macadamia oils they use are grown and cold-pressed in Australia. They have a good balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6, it also contains Oleic acid (Omega 9) which is very moisturising and aids in softening the skin (ref: As with all Macadamia oils, they are great for stir-frying or pan-frying as it has a high smoking point which is between 210°C and 234°C. According to (ref:https:/>nutrition) extra virgin olive oil has a smoking point between 190°C and 207°C, and so does not have the range of use of Australian cold-pressed Macadamia oils. I really enjoy the light nutty flavour it gives to any dish you include it in. Because the flavour of the Macadamia is so light, it is easy to add other flavours, as seen in the wide range A Taste Of The Bush provides.

Here is one I made up that even non-tofu lovers liked. This recipe can also be used to top your favourite salad. It is also suitable for chicken, fish or meats such as kangaroo.

Air-fried tofu with Red Earth and

Native Basil Macadamia oil

Serves: 4


150g Hard Tofu

1 tbsp. Native Basil Infused Macadamia Oil

2 tbsp. Red Earth Spice Blend

2slices of your preferred bread

(we have used homemade sourdough)


Preheat your air fryer to 160°C.

Cut tofu into four reasonably same sized pieces.

Brush tofu lightly with Macadamia oil.

Sprinkle cutting board with Red Earth spice blend.

Roll cut tofu pieces into mix.

Place in your preheat air fryer.

Cook for 10 to 15 minutes or until tofu is slightly browned.

Cut tofu into thin slices.

Place on bread


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